We had a sump pump failure during a storm that also swamped hundreds of basements. Our home warranty company wouldn’t come out to fix the sump pump if there was standing water in the basement and we couldn’t keep the water from pouring in without a new sump pump. I was completely overwhelmed and frantic until Genesis Home Restorations showed up. I’m sure they were busy as well, so the owner himself and his son Trent showed up with a temporary sump pump and got right to work so we could get cleaned up enough to get a new sump put in. They have been amazing and even managed to calm me down. No easy task! Carpet came out really fast and they brought in big fans and a ginormous dehumidifier to dry everything out. Their other son Erich has been by to take readings and move fans to make sure everything is moving in the right direction. I LOVE how everyone pitches in to get the job done! THANK YOU GENESIS!