Genesis Home Restorations uses a cutting-edge, EPA-registered ultra-fine misting spray that has proven effective for destroying mold and controlling other indoor airborne impurities. Typically, there’s no need for costly and messy demolition, and best of all, the product is safe and effective for families and pets. Our mold removal service also costs significantly less than typical demolition and reconstruction methods used by conventional mold remediation companies.

Professional Mold Cleaners

Professional testing can identify issues that affect the air. In some cases, airborne impurities have been linked to health issues. Mold inspection and mold testing will provide you with the information you need to determine whether remediation is needed.

Untreated, mold will lie in wait until the time is right?maybe just the next big rainfall?before renewing its destructive growth and polluting the air. We offer ways to treat and remediate mold. We have safe, fast, and guaranteed solutions.

Mold in the Home

We will also arrange for professional, independent indoor air quality testing before and after treatment so you can rest assured that your mold issue has been eradicated.

Has mold entered your home?

  1. Attic Mold Removal
  2. Basement Mold Removal
  3. Kitchen Mold Removal
  4. Bathroom Mold Removal
  5. Home Mold Removal

Genesis Home Restorations offers an eco-friendly and environmentally conscious option to rid your house of mold. Our professionals can have you safely enjoying the comforts of your home the same day your treatment is applied. Call us today to schedule or fill out our online form.

Genesis Home Restorations​

Whether you need mold removal or water damage restoration, contact Genesis Home Restorations today.

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