Most homeowners have heard the term, with Radon becoming a more prevalent notion during the home-buying process in recent years, but why is that? The basic premise is Radon is a natural, radioactive gas that permeates through the foundation of homes and enters the living spaces, exposing residents to potentially hazardous levels of radioactivity, particularly in the respiratory system.

Here in Kansas City, Radon is of special importance as the city lies within an EPA noted Zone 1 with average exposure levels above the EPA-recommended limit.

Unfortunately, with the gas being completely invisible, odorless, and tasteless, the only reliable way to determine your families exposure is to have Radon testing performed. Genesis Aire has spent years serving homeowners and renters in the Kansas City area, helping them determine the condition of their home’s air quality and improve their air quality and health, long-term.

Testing conducted by an industry-certified professional provides the most thorough and trusted results.

Radon Map - Kansas City Metro

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