Every day, millions of people come in contact without mold without even realizing it. Mold loves damp areas with little to no ventilation (like behind walls and under floors). Wherever water travels, mold can arise. Unfortunately, it is usually in places hard to see with the naked eye. There are true medical effects that mold can have on the human body, so it is not something to take lightly. If you have had a flood in your home and see any of the following signs, contact a professional immediately to ensure that you are protecting both your home and your loved ones.


  • Musty Odor: Use your nose! As you are walking through your home, keep a conscious note of all the smells. Mold typically has an earthy or musty smell, and can find a home under floors or behind wallpaper. In these circumstances, smelling the issue is the only way to detect the issue.
  • Visible Mold: If you see a blotchy substance on your walls or in another place of your home, it could be mold. The most typical colors for mold are green and black, but white and grey molds also exist. While it is easy to see around a sink or shower, it may take some investigating to locate it in different areas of the home.
  • Allergy Symptoms: If you or a loved one have started to experience common allergy symptoms, such as: sore throat, stuffy nose, sinus congestion, skin irritation, eye irritation, cough, or upper respiratory infections, you may have a mold situation in your home.
  • Water Damage: If you have experienced a water condition in your home due to weather or internal flooding, the moisture cause by it will most likely result in the growth of mold. If you see that the walls are becoming discolored, wood is getting warped, or paint is peeling, mold is probably the culprit.


A professional will come to your home at your convenience and get the situation under control, while looking at other areas of the home to ensure there isn?t any other mold brewing. They usually have specific chemicals to use based on the type of mold in the home, and protective suits to ensure that they stay healthy while treating the condition. If treated incorrectly by an inexperienced individual, the mold can spread and cause more damage to the home, and health issued for those living in it.