Mold Remediation Process

Our Mold Remediation Process

When professional mold remediation is needed, we work as efficiently as possible to return your home to a healthy environment. Following an Inspection & Air Quality Testing, our scope of work is specially formulated for your unique situation based upon any visible findings noted on-site and the results of any testing performed.


Here is what a typical mold remediation process with Genesis looks like:

The Process

Isolation & Containment

If the findings of our inspection and testing show that only one floor or room of the home needs mold remediation, we set up an isolation system to protect the rest of the home from potential cross-contamination. This is usually done with plastic sheeting and Zip Wall technology. While treating any surface mold growth we want to ensure that, should any mold spores become airborne, they do not travel to areas of your home that area already clean and healthy.

Non-Salvageable Material Removal

Our trained technicians remove any materials (such as baseboards, drywall, insulation etc.) that are too badly compromised by mold growth or water damage to be salvaged. These materials are carefully bagged and removed from the property to be properly disposed of.

Surface Treatment

We then vacuum all remaining affected materials and any carpeting in affected areas of the home with a HEPA-filtered vacuum to remove surface mold growth or settled spores. After vacuuming, we spray down these areas with an EPA-registered hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant/ fungicide. This product eats away at any spores within the surface layers of the material.

Air Quality Treatment

To treat any Air Quality issues that were noted by Air Quality testing, along with any mold spores that may have become airborne during the earlier stages of our remediation, we fog the home with a proprietary enzyme-based product. This fogging process is carried out either throughout the home, or in the isolated area if only one portion of the home requires remediation.


24 hours after the fogging is completed, we run dehumidifiers for up to 120 hours (5 days). Water is used as the medium for the enzymes in our fogging product, so we control the humidity to provide the mold-destroying enzymes an optimal environment with which to eliminate any settled or airborne mold spores.

Post Testing

Just as Air Quality testing is important during the inspection stage, it is also necessary following remediation. We take samples in any areas that were previously noted as elevated to ensure that your home has been returned to its original healthy state.


Following clean Post-Test results, a 1-year warranty is issued for the areas of your home that have been remediated. Should you sell your home within that time, the warranty will transfer to the new homeowners.

Mold Remediation FAQs

We require a 24-hour vacancy period in the areas that are being remediated. If the issue is isolated to one floor of your home (for example, the basement only), then we ask that nobody enters that area for 24 hours following remediation. If your project requires a full-home remediation, you will need to find alternative accommodation for just one night.

We do ask that all people and pets vacate the remediation areas for 24 hours. After that period, everybody is fine to return to the home as usual. If we are only working on one floor of your home, we ask that you keep your pets in a different area of the house for 24 hours.

Yes! The reason we ask for a 24-hour vacancy in all remediation areas is to ensure our product remains in an optimal environment and is not disturbed while the enzymes work away to destroy the mold. Our products are completely people-safe and pet-safe.

We ask that all leaks or water intrusion issues are fixed before we carry out our remediation at your home. This ensures that the cause of the mold is taken care of, then our mold remediation process ‘hits the reset button’ to return your home to a healthy indoor environment.

No. Keeping them in their original location means that, when we fog our enzyme-based product, we make sure to address any spores that may have settled on your possessions.

The majority of the work we do onsite is completed on the first day. This usually takes between 2-8 hours. The following day, you can return to areas that we have treated. The full process, from our first day on site to receiving final test results and warranty, usually takes approximately 10-14 days. If we expect the on-site work to take more than one day, we will communicate this with you in advance of the remediation so you can make appropriate preparations ahead of time.

Yes. We frequently work on projects involved in real estate transactions, so are understand the challenges involved with navigating the closing process. We are happy to work with buyers, sellers, or all parties to ensure a smooth process and keep you running to schedule.

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