It can be tedious trying to repair property that has been damaged by flooding. Living in the wetlands of any area can make flooding a higher possibility, but in areas with high moisture and heat, it makes it even more daunting. Flood damage has to be repaired quickly, as mold can begin to grow in as little as 48 hours with the right environment. Floors, rugs, and wooden furniture should be removed as soon as possible to mitigate mold growth.


Mold is sneaky, and oftentimes you may not even know it is there. After experiencing water damage, you may clean up the area and feel as if everything is fine. But, mold hides! It can be under carpeting, in the walls, and in small crevices of the home. If there is a surface to attach to, mold will grow. It penetrates the surface of what it is growing on and shows small green or black patches. It is fuzzy or slimy in texture and can make those in the homesick!


Mold has been known to cause awful damage to the structures of homes. It also makes those in the home feeling terrible. They may experience health problems that seem like allergic reactions. Mold also causes respiratory issues and mental issues in more severe situations. There are thousands of different types of mold that can take up residence in your home after water damage has occurred, and the effects that it has depends on the type it is.


After cleaning up damage caused by flooding, it is important to contact a professional to investigate the home and check all areas for mold. It will save you costly repairs and health issues by taking care of it before it progresses and becomes worse. Even if you don?t think there is mold after flooding, get the home looked at.


If you can actually see mold after experiencing flooding, contact a professional right away. Because there are so many different types of mold, the professional can determine what kind it is and combat it in the correct way. It may be as simple as telling you what product to use to get rid of it. Or, in severe cases, such as black mold instances, the professionals will wear protective suits and use special chemicals to rid the home of it. Black mold is very dangerous and causes many health issues- including death if left untreated.


Untreated mold continues to multiply and attach to different surfaces, essentially taking over the home. It is different than your regular home maintenance in the sense that it is a serious condition that can not only affect the home itself but your family as well. Even if it is typical household mold and not a severe version, it is wise to have a professional come and look at it before taking on the task yourself. They can give you tips for doing it yourself, or get rid of it for you. Having them get rid of it for you is the better option, as they know where mold likes to hide. They know just where to look and treat in order to make your home mold free.


Living in an area that is prone to flooding and humidity is stressful enough. You don?t need the added stresses of mold and health issues. There are ways to prevent mold from growing in certain areas that the professionals would be happy to share with you after taking care of the issue. This will help in future situations, whether you expect them to occur or not. It is better to be prepared. After all, no one wants a repeat occurrence!