For homeowners that live in a humid climate, the humidity can become a huge problem. More often than not, moisture progresses because the basement has design flaws in waterproofing and thermal insulation. Condensation due to poor ventilation can also occur. The higher the humidity, the more condensation.


The moisture and condensation that accumulates in the basement can lead to mold growth. If not caught immediately, mold can cause property damage as well as health issues for those living in the establishment. Professional mold removal may be required before any repairs can be made to get rid of the cause of the mold.


The following are the most common things to look out for when it comes to preventing moisture, which in turn will prevent mold:

  • Defective Waterproofing:  If the home is waterproofed incorrectly, groundwater and melt water can seep through the homes foundation. To determine if you have any issues with waterproofing, check the walls of the basement for moisture and condensation.
  • Cracked Walls: Actual breaks in the walls of the home can increase humidity. Where there are cracks, there is the opportunity for water to seep through. Condensation would always appear in the same spots in this case.
  • Improper Ventilation: Without ductwork, there is no natural exchange of air. The air in the basement becomes stagnant and carbon dioxide increases. The humidity rises, and depending on the temperature, condensation can occur as well.
  • Faulty Utility Systems: If there are hot and cold water pipes in the basement, it is important to check them regularly to ensure that they aren?t leaking. Leaking pipelines can increase the humidity in the basement.


Some common solutions to these issues are candles, small coal ovens, and dehumidifiers. Candles that are propped under the exhaust of the ventilation system slowly helps dry up the basement by increasing the air. Coal ovens quickly remove the humidity by filling the basement with both hot and cold air. Those sensitive to smoke should avoid this method! The most effective method when it comes to removing moisture from a basement is with a dehumidifier.  The machine can be kept in the basement for use over time in order to create a normal humidity level for the home.


If all of this fails and mold happens to appear, a professional will be able to come in and get rid of the mold for you, while determining the cause of the problem and offering suggestions on how to prevent it going forward. While waiting for the professional, you should remove all wooden items that are kept in the basement, as the mold will feed on them.