Many homeowners mistake mold for rust. The see a reddish brown colored stain, and automatically assume that it was caused by something rusting while against the tarnished surface. This isn?t always true! If you are seeing stains on counters, walls, and floors that weren?t there in the past, it is worth it to look into the humidity in your home, and to make sure that there is no water leaking in.

Don?t just overlook the stain. Try to find out the source! Take into account the type of room that it is in, what rests against the area, and the daily activities that take place in the room. In rooms that are damp and humid, mold could be what it causing the staining. Rust only forms when metal surfaces begin to break down. Finding the source of the stain can save you a lot of money in future repairs!

If you have looked all over for metal items that could have rusted and resulted in the stain t no avail, it is time to consider the mold theory. No one wants to think about having mold in their home, but it is more common than one would think.

Bathrooms and basements are the ideal breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Stains that appear to be rust-like in your shower, sink area, or basement should be cleaned immediately to prevent future damages. Again, figure out the source of the discoloration to ensure the product you purchase to remove it will actually take care of the issue. The wrong cleaner will not produce the desired result.

There are more than three hundred types of mold, so it may be hard to determine what is causing yours on your own. The colors vary all the way from white to black, and they all vary in texture as well. There are multiple causes for mold. As far as single events go, a broken pipe, floods, or slow leaks can all cause it to invade your home. Catching the signs of indoor growth quickly is imperative, as the molds can lead to intense damage and health issues down the line. Damp musty odors, staining, and unexplained health issues are all signs that there could be mold in the area.

Using a specialized product for mold removal is essential, as most everyday household cleaners will not get rid of mold. Additionally, different molds may require different methods to eradicate them. Porous items should be replaced, as the mold will never be completely gone from them. Always wear protective gear, and if you are unsure of anything, contact the professionals! Green Home Restorations will be happy to take a look and determine a plan to get rid of the mold and prevent it from recurring.

Since there are so many different types of mold and so many varying stains that can occur throughout the home, it is difficult to determine the cause and fix the problem if you don?t know exactly what you are looking for. Let the professionals do the hard work, and sit back and enjoy breathing the fresh air when they leave!