Healthy Home Deep Cleaning

Keeping your home clean and healthy has never been more important as we continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Healthy Home Deep Clean utilizes a thorough process to remove airborne and surface contaminants such as allergens, bacteria, pathogens, and mold spores* throughout the home.

Whether you’re in the process of moving into a new home, experiencing ongoing health issues, or just wanting to improve the wellness of your existing home and family, Genesis is here to give you a Healthy Home!

Our Packages


  • Our NATURAL Disinfectant Fogging process removes harmful allergens and contaminants from the air and surfaces throughout the home.
  • Removes contaminants such as allergens, mold, and over 140 pathogens, including SARS-COV-2.

Starting at $0.20 / sq.ft.


  • Disinfectant wipe-down of surfaces: including doors, countertops, handrails, and other hard surfaces.
  • HEPA-filtered vacuuming of all flooring throughout the home.
  • NATURAL Disinfectant Fogging throughout your home

Starting at $0.65 / sq.ft.

Healthy Home FAQs

We do ask that the home be unoccupied during the course of the cleaning (typically 1 hr for our Refresh package and 3-4 hrs for our Purify package), and at least 1 hour following completion of the Healthy Home Cleaning process.

We do ask that all people and pets vacate the home during the course of work on-site. After that period, everybody is fine to return to the home as usual. If this is not possible, we recommend having the pet kept in a marked room that we will omit from our cleaning process.

Yes, we use only SAFE and NATURAL products for every service we offer! The vacancy period is to allow our team to work as efficiently as possible and to allow our products to effectively remove airborne and surface contaminants unimpeded.

It depends. Our team will not move or alter anything that appears breakable, so we do recommend that hard surfaces (such as shelves and related decor) be cleared of any valuable or breakable possessions prior to our team coming out.

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