A: It all depends on the size of the job. A typical 2000 square foot space take about 3 hours to apply an ultra-fine mist and will need to be vacant for a minimum of 24 hours

A: We can arrange professional testing and lab work to identify issues that can affect the air quality in your home. The results will help us identify what treatments and services to recommend. We can also arrange post-treatment testing to ensure that the air quality issues have been eliminated.

A: First off, before we come for mold cleaning, the source of water that started the mold problem needs to be identified. When we schedule a treatment, we will then provide you with detailed instructions of how to prepare and what to expect.

A: Pets can’t be in the room while we are treating. Once we are done, the room needs to be aired out before they can return to that room. If we do the whole house, we would strongly recommend taking your pets elsewhere for the day to allow adequate time after the treatment to properly air out your home.

A: Furniture and electronics are safe and do not need to be moved. Our product does not get anything wet, and the all-natural ingredients in this product will not damage furniture, electronics, paint, or any porous surfaces. Having said that, we will still take precautionary measures to protect your home’s furniture and electronics by covering them with a thin protective sheet.

A: It is not dangerous to people of any age. The solutions that we use are all-natural, safe when used as directed, and environmentally friendly.

A: Unfortunately, although our product eliminates the mold contamination, alone it does not take away the appearance of mold. However, our independent lab will verify through a post-test that the mold has been killed. We have contractors that can perform this task as needed.

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