Coming into work to find that you’ve got a mold problem in your building is a nightmare. It could be behind the sinks in your HVAC ducts, inside the drywall, or visibly creeping out where you least expect it. Whether you’re currently experiencing a mold infestation or you’re looking for an affordable preventative measure, call the commercial mold control experts at Genesis Home Restorations. Our cutting-edge mold solutions in Kansas City use natural active ingredients so you’ll not only clean mold from water damage, but you’ll also see a vast air quality improvement as well. Our one-of-a-kind service uses natural ingredients that penetrate porous surfaces and attacks mold. With our safe formula, you’ll be saving your company precious time, money, and resources, all while protecting your employees? health. We’re so confident in the effectiveness of our eco-friendly products that we offer a one-year warranty on all of our air quality services.

Save Up to 2/3 the Time and Cost for Mold Services!

A traditional mold remediation service is destructive and puts your business out of commission for a long period of time. Opt for a healthier, easier, no-hassle alternative with Genesis Home Restorations. Because we’re invested in your company and your employees? well-being, we give all clients a no-obligation comprehensive mold inspection & testing so we can evaluate your precise issues and offer you a fair estimate. During the treatment process, we will physically wipe away visible spores with our specially formulated mold stain remover and then apply our fog that attacks air-borne spores and penetrates deep into walls. It’s powerful yet gentle at the same time, leaving no stains or harsh chemicals behind. Our practices are EPA and InterNACHI approved, and the application requires minimal setting time. We are the greenest, most effective mold control product on the market. Get the Kansas City mold solutions you need at the price you want! Genesis Home Restorations offers an eco-friendly and environmentally-conscious option to control your building’s mold. We’ve been helping businesses and residents all across Kansas City with all their mold, and allergens issues. Call us to learn more about our commercial mold solutions or fill out our online form to schedule your comprehensive mold inspection and testing today.

Why use a GHR? of Kansas City All-Natural Mold Solution

The most commonly offered mold control treatments involve chemicals like ammonia, peroxide, and chlorine. Pretty nasty stuff, but who wants to play nice with mold? However, a comparison shows what really gets the job done.

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